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Thumbtag started as a mobile attendance tracking system for workers at construction sites and has evolved into an HSSE (Health, Safety, Security, and Environment) application. It leverages smartphone technology along with cloud computing to deliver a cost-effective way to Know, Track, and Report on all your job site workers, equipment, visitors, and permits.

Thumbtag Pvt. Ltd. is the brainchild of NTrust CEO Srikanth Ramachandran. Throughout his entrepreneurial career, Sri sees problems with business processes and sets out to find a better, more efficient, and more error-free way of executing each process. With construction sites, he saw heavily manual processes where the data was not centralized, prone to error, and understanding what was happening at each site was always delayed, leading to wasted resource hours.

Sri saw a way to use mobile phones and cloud computing to streamline the management of labor, visitors, permits, and equipment on construction sites quickly, accurately, and with the ability to provide centralized data across multiple construction sites. After months of development, testing, field testing, report development, and more, Thumbtag was born. Backed by the technical prowess and financial strength of NTrust, Thumbtag now serves over 137 sites.

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